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Equine Boarding Facilities in Chester County, PA

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Complete Equine Boarding Facilities in West Chester, PA

Sunset Valley Farm has complete equine boarding facilities in West Chester, PA, with a friendly and empathetic staff. Building a relationship with each equine visitor ensures that you can feel at ease knowing that your horse is being taken care of while you are away.

Our horseback riding trails in Chester County, PA.

Our pastures and barn at our equestrian center in Chester County, PA.

The Kenny family lives on the property and provides equine care to all boarded horses. The center is managed by Maria, who attends each horse and provides updates to you regularly while they are staying with us.

Our 13-stall bank barn features a tack room, feed room, horse stables, and concrete floors with matted stalls. The outdoor area includes 3 fenced paddocks and 2 large pastures. This 35-acre pasture also includes a creek that runs along the length of the property. 

The equestrian center has 2 outdoor rings (190' x 90' and 190' x 65'), and access to horseback riding trails. Your horse is not bound to a paddock and can run free in the many acres of rolling pasture dotted with trees. 

Valley Creek pastures remain lush and vibrant during the summer so horses enjoy the outdoors while having access to fresh, clean water at all times. We have also partnered with Brandywine Conservancy to maintain the integrity of the grounds.

The grain that is included in the full and field board is up to 4 quarts per day of your choice of various feeds. Extra grain quantities are also available for an additional fee. Ponies are fed Enrich 32® at no additional charge. We also use Timothy Hay® and Orchard Grass®. Hay is fed up to 20 pounds per day (usually winter).

Full Board

Full horse boarding includes joint care by the owner and staff. This service is recommended if you are going away on a long trip. Blankets, fly masks, and supplements for your horse must be provided. A full stay at our center includes:

  • Access to a large box stall, hay, and grain twice a day
  • Administration of all supplements and medication
  • Daily visual checkups
  • Cleaned stalls once a day
  • De-worming on a three-month rotating schedule
  • Exercises in the riding arena, on riding trails, and long turnouts 

Partial Full Board

We reserve the right to advise the owner regarding the proper board for their horse. Not all horses are suited for the full-field board, so our recommendations will be based on a horse’s age, health, and breed. Horses will still enjoy the outdoors daily, and they will have a stall available in the horse stables during inclement weather, sickness, or injury.

Full Field

This option allows the horse to enjoy the outdoors each day, while still having access to the large, run-in shed. The full field option has limited availability.
If the horse is sick or has an injury, an extra fee will be incurred for stall usage.

Training Board

Do you have a young horse that needs to be started or an or older horse with a problem? Whether it is a small annoyance or a dangerous vice, Sunset Valley Farm is here to help you resolve it. Training board services can help adjust a horse’s behavior, making them calm and more amenable to people. Our team is prepared to administer an appropriate training program.

Horse Layup Services

Layup includes: 

  • Stall confinement and daily stall cleaning
  • Limited turnout in the paddock
  • Administration of any needed medications
  • Supervision from the equestrian center 

We Know That Each Horse Is Unique

If your horse requires an additional service or care on top of boarding or layup, such as veterinary assistance and changing of dressings, we are more than happy to accommodate special requests or instructions, however extra services may incur an additional fee. 

 If you are interested in any of our equine care services, please contact Maria for current rates at (484) 798-8365.
Our equestrian center serves horse owners throughout Chester County.