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Horseback Riding Lessons in West Chester, PA


Learn more about yourself when you climb into the saddle of a majestic steed for a trot through Sunset Valley Farms. We want to share our passion for riding with you through our horseback riding lessons in West Chester, PA. Our instructors have decades of experience training riders and horses alike, and  we offer lessons that fit all skill levels. 

We want every student to have an enjoyable and comfortable experience with our equine friends. Our farm features ponies and horses of varying sizes, so just about every person will find a mount that suits them. The horses are trained by our staff so that we can provide you with a safe experience above all else. 

Start a conversation with one of our trainers today about your interest in horseback riding sessions. Instructors Claudia Langmaid and Anna Bourreza have a combined 50 years of experience riding, training, and owning their horses. They enjoy teaching students from all walks of life, including children, teens, and adults.

Ask about our availability for birthday parties, summer camps, and private lessons.

A Comprehensive Horse Education

Group of children having horseback lessons in Chester County, PA.

Sunset Valley Farm (SVF) offers a full suite of individual lessons for varying skill levels and ages. Lessons include the basics surrounding the caring for horses, and students of the appropriate age are encouraged to tack up their horse. Send us a message to tto receive a weekly schedule before making an appointment.

We offer one-time lessons for those not purchasing a package priced at:
$50 for a half-hour and $100 for one hour.

Mini-Lessons and Half-Hour Packages

Introduce a young rider to the basics of grooming and riding with our mini-lessons. Instructors teach on a lead line while riders learn to walk, turn, and stop their pony while riding through an obstacle course.

Kids aged three to five get a private, 15-minute session for just $35.
A group of four of these lessons is priced at just $120.

Learn one on one from our instructors with packages of four and eight lessons. Schedule one to two lessons per week to ensure the student understands the basics of grooming and tacking up. Once your child is comfortable with the horse, most lessons are conducted from a lunge line. Basic riding aides are taught, and jumping is done according to the instructor’s discretion. When the student progresses through these lessons, you can step up to the intermediate and advanced lessons.

Move Section Up

Pricing for intermediate and advanced lessons starts at $50 for a one-time session.

Packages (Half Hour private):

 4 for $172 and 8 for only $336.

To move up to one-hour lessons, the pricing is as follows:

One Time: $100
Four Lessons: $372
Eight Lessons: $736

Instructor Experience & Equine Skills

 Head Trainer/Instructor Lauren Griffoni- B.S. Equine Science Management Houghton College, NY

  • Dressage
  • Equitation
  • Hunter/Jumper
  • Experienced in Training Broke Horses
  • Exerciser
  • Can teach beginner-advanced


Trainer Riley Garrett-Candidate B.S. Marketing Immaculata College

  • 4th Level Dressage Rider
  • Can teach Level 1-4 and Basics
  • US Olymics candidate
  • Can teach beginner-advanced
  • Experienced training and exercising horses
  • Knowledgable in Bio-mechanics for horses



Trainer: Kelsey Henderson-B.S. Animal Science/Equine Science, Univ. of CT

  • Experienced Eventer
  • Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Cross Country
  • Equitation
  • Can teach beginners to advanced - all ages








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